May 30, 2024

Oracando in Amsterdam, Netherlands| Press Event

The Producers Association of the Agricultural Cooperative of Chania @chaniacoop, Greece organized a Press Event in Amsterdam, Netherlands, on Wednesday 29th, 2024 at 6.30 p.m., at Restaurant Black Olive (Markenplein 30 A, 1011 MV Amsterdam), in the context of the EU funded program “Oracando” in order to provide information & promote the High-Quality European Oranges & Avocados to the markets of Denmark & Netherlands.
The event aimed to brief journalists, health experts, importers, healthy food and lifestyle bloggers, and distributors about the superior quality and exquisite taste of European oranges and avocados as well as the Producers’ organization’s high-end production standards.
At the beginning of the event, the General Manager of the Agricultural Cooperative of Chania, Mr. Sifis Manoledakis, provided the guests with valuable insight into the process of producing high-quality European avocados and oranges. In addition, he highlighted the activities of the Cooperative and the specific features of the agricultural production methods, particularly in terms of traceability, authenticity, nutritional aspects, respect for the environment, and sustainability. The Commercial Manager of the Cooperative, Mr. George Kornarakis, talked about the trade network, the different varieties and transfer needs of the products and the exports of the Cooperative. Mr. Evavgelos Dairetzis, Head of Economic and Commercial Affairs Office of the Greek Embassy in Netherlands, also, attended the event and got informed about the upcoming actions of the program in Netherlands while he discussed with the representatives of the Proposing Organization about the needs and the potentials of the Dutch food market regarding imports and exports. Afterwards, all the guests enjoyed delicious dishes based on the promoted products, avocados and PDO oranges.
At the event’s finale, a media kit containing samples of oranges and avocados, a branded lunch box, an Informative Brochure, a branded thermos flask, and a branded apron were given out to the attendees of the event.
Oracando, is a three year campaign, funded by the EU that aims to promote European top quality oranges and avocados to the markets of Denmark and Netherlands.
The main objective of the campaign is to increase the competitiveness and consumption of E.U. agricultural products as well as to promote the European fresh fruits, namely oranges and avocados which have unique features in terms of quality, freshness and taste and are produced under the strict European standards.
The proposed action is submitted by the Producers Association (PA) of the Agricultural Cooperative of Chania, located in western Crete, Greece.
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